Bagman Superhero

New Superhero is born. Our superhero is a normal newyorker person and to save identity he has picked up bag from superstore and put it on his face. So people are calling him "BAG MAN". Superhero with bag as his MASK.Let start your battle against crime as legendary fighter and Newyork city superhero to save the world using your fighting skills and tactics.Bag Man Superhero is a fighting combat game where you will play the role of crime fighter and professional fighter to take control over act of violence. So get yourself ready to take part in deep combat mission, follow your own rules of fight and play as brave fighter. Being a hero, eliminate criminals and street gangsters from streets of Newyork city and make your nation safe and secure. Show crime fighting skills of superhero and tell them this is not an ordinary hero fighting, it's a furious battle of fighting mission. Join superhero league as superhero robot to learn the tactics of super hero fight side by side with US police captain robot and army heroes to serve your nation because your are the only hope of your beautiful city.Bag Man Superhero has been there for the civilians through every problem. But as the chaos has turned into a Deep Combat mission so the flying superhero captain Robot , Real Superhero Fighter, professional fighter, and Captain superhero fighter have been called out for the Superhero Battle.A True Super hero is not always in spotlight, at times his role is of a Cipher hero, who is constantly spying at enemy hide out locations and evil activities. He has to carry out dangerous missions under the enemy's furious wings. It's going to be Super Hero Time in vice city. You as the fearless fighter and the street fighter have to keep on fighting off the dark forces till the day with your fighting skills & tactics. This is not going to be some rival's battle but serious super hero vs super villain's battle.Game Features1. Third person view2. 10 rescue missions.3. New Super hero. Bag Man Superhero4. Police Chase and cop chase5. Car theft and car chase missions.6. Fly in the sky with superhero powers.7. Superb flying robot City Rescue Game8. Interesting, challenging and User friendly gameplay
Operating System Android