Little Monster Games Unlocked

All Character Unlocked Version - Little Monster Games is CTF - (Capture the flag type game)Control any of the 15 Little Monsters:Witch - Frankenstein - Devil - Scarecrow - Vampire - Teddy - Female Zombie - Grim - Clown - Female Vampire - Bones - Pumpkin head - Zombie - Wolf - MummyThe aim of the game is simple yet highly addictive.Rules:Choose Time Limit.Find the Flag 5 points are awarded, return it the the Home Location - A magic Circle of Stones. 1 point is awarded.When you don't have the Flag try and capture the flag from others or stop them returning home with it.After end of Time Limit:Whoever scores the most Points gets a reward and the lowest ones get eliminated from the next round until theres only one winner.
Operating System Android