Gangster Survival King of L.A : Crime City

Gangster survival king will let you rule the crime streets as the gangster of mafia crime city. Steal racing cars and fight with rival gangs to conquer crime city in gangster survival king of L.A. In this game you can steal cars and kill evil vampires for completing challenging levels.Crime city is full of mafia with real gangster crime shootout operations and crazy crime simulator driving missions in city environment. Choose character of your own choice and play the role of gangster mafia in Vegas city. The crime city game brings you to the streets of New Vegas full of gangsters all you need to do is hand to hand combat against them. Show no mercy to anyone who stands in your way.Unlock all the weapons, find secrets hidden on the map and fight against the villains. There is a combination of gangster shooting missions & complete set of gangster driving challenges that will give you a complete fun package with all the features in one real gangster crime city game.Killing, stealing, kidnapping, and destroying things all crimes are in one crime city game. Drive theft cars recklessly, shoot your enemies down and tear them apart with heavy weapons in gangster survival king of L.A. Perform all these missions in crime street and be the real gangster mafia in popular crime Vegas games. Graphics are fascinating with smooth and easy controls.Download now gangster survival king crime city game and enjoy its amazing features absolutely free. Do give your valuable feedback so that we can make improvements in future.
Operating System Android