Superhero Fighting Game : Avengers Infinity

Play as superhero in this thrilling action game to get ready for the action and thrilling rescue missions in Superhero Fighting Game : Avengers Infinity. Save the peoples from dangerous city gangsters in this Superhero Fighting Game. Save the civilians from dangerous unpleasant incidents happened and become superhero city rescuer of the city. The city is under attack of dangerous super villains but be a superhero and saves the city.Citizens are scared because the city is harassed by the gangsters of the city. Their mission is to destroy the city. City fighting club members and their mafia groups want them to transform the peaceful city into a crime hub. The city rescue missions is in your hands now! After a major crime and city fighting groups has attacked the city, citizens are helpless; they don't know anything about fighting. Without any support of a superhero they are unable to face the crime gang and super fighting champions alone. The best fight and gangster crime game in the town is this Superhero Fighting Game : Avengers InfinityFights with gangsters.Superhero Fighting Game with certified superheroes!There is a lot of crimes in the city and people need a true hero as their defender.The real avenger. The one who will avenge all the pain of local citizen.The league of super humans on guard of justice!Upgrade your skills to defeat even angry gangsters.Prove your enemies that you are a true superhero and nor bullets nor missiles nor lasers can get you down!Play as city defender and fight with dangerous super monster villains like in this thrilling Fighting Game : Avengers Infinity is an action game with interesting game play. There is no chance to live in battle environment because the city is almost destroyed. Only a superhero can save the beautiful city now. Enjoy the thrilling survival missions! With the help of guns & different fighting combos the superhero will fight with city gangsters and their boss monster villain and fight to rescue the injured peoples in this action game. Save the peoples from dangerous villains. Get ready for the action game play because rescue missions are ready to boom in the gaming world.Undergo this survival mission as a superhero to save the city and its people. Get ready and help the people because someone is always in need of help of a superhero to transform their lives into betterment. Save the survival missions by fighting to rescue as a super man. This Superhero Fighting Game : Avengers Infinity is Full of action and entertainment the Superhero City Rescue Missions game! Understand the critical situation of the innocent civilians and how much they need your help to save their life from evil forces in this city superhero thrilling which is a real challenge. Their mission is to convert the beautiful city into graveyard, super villains kill for venture and they fight.Amazing Fighting Game : Avengers Infinity FEATURES:- Fight with super villains and play as fighting Superhero- Select your favorite superhero for a rescue mission- Action game play and thrilling rescue missions- Use different powers to kill the enemies- fighting and surprising super powers of the superhero- Chase the enemies and kill themAll the flying superheroes fans and rescue missions lovers can enjoy this action packed thrilling Fighting Game : Avengers Infinity game.
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