Jurassic Dinosaur Wild Jungle Shooter

Flying Trap Games would like to welcome you to our Jurassic Dinosaur Wild Jungle Shooter 2018. This Jurassic dinosaur game is a unique simulation & sniper war battle shooting game, where you have to survive in the critical situation of dino hunting arena 2018 with your hunting animals friends.This is for the lovers of first-person shooting and hunting games in the outdoors, hills, jungles and Jurassic era surroundings of dino off-road survival. The wild dinosaurs are ready to attack on you, don't become the victim of the Dino attack they will tor you into pieces in such dino real sim.It's not simple first person shooting game or like other animal hunting games at wild jungle dino real hunting. It has proper background story of Deadly Dinosaurs Real Hunter Revenge. Actually few days ago, you made a plan to go to jungle for animals hunting with your friends. You travelled with sniper arcade guns, bow arrows, short guns and other FPS Man guns to face any type of Dino attack & rainforest animals attack.You travelled with your sports car in wild forest and you had also training of shooting guns like Ak47 and other sniper shooting guns. You stayed there first night and in the next morning you were ready for hunting multiple type of jungle safari animals. But unfortunately you entered into Dino world of Jurassic Survival Town Island. Your friends got attacked in dinosaur hunter challenge.Now you were the only first person shooter to survive there. But you just picked up your sniper guns from cars and got ready for Dino hunting combat 2018. Be careful, because in this dinosaur safari adventure with a mix of action and danger not only you're hunting in the forest, but also you're being hunted like other shooting games for kids.It's not a dino city zoo or Jurassic mania park, it's dangerous and breathtaking terrain, a lush natural environment in the tropics, inhabited by the dinosaurs also called dragons. Now bloodthirsty enemies have also destroyed your sports cars & in this adrenaline game you have no car, and beasts hunting dragons everywhere. The survival guide is simple: hit and smash these horror villain lizards in this hunting games dinosaur.Hunt giant dinosaurs in best dinosaur hunting games from herbivores to carnivores in hunting real simulation game of dino games. Enjoy high-end shooting game of dino hunter games real sniper shooting and hunting in jungle. Explore and dive into dino adventure of claw hunter amazing city. The gameplay has realistic dino species roar sound. In dinosaur island real survival hunting simulator there are many levels with different weapons of increasing power in arsenal. Hunt big dinosaur animals in real dinosaur rampage deadly to humankind.Don't let the jungle dinosaurs feel your presence or you'll get hunted before you hunt. Become dinosaur killer. Its start hunting big and large wild animals with sniper hunting guns and be a grand shooter in this dinosaur killing game of tricks master. This forest dino grand hunt game play is the adventurous concept of shooting hidden ferocious animals with similarity of Wild Jungle Animals Safari.Features of Jurassic Dinosaur Wild Jungle Shooter:15 first person shooting levels with multiple of dinosaur jungle simulator missions.Gorgeous overgrown jungle map of the lost world with a variety of vegetation.3D dinosaurs, from the Herbivorous to Deadly Carnivorous.Experience the thrill of being a best Dinosaur Hunter.Experience Amazing Console Quality HD graphics of dino hunting real combat free mania.Immersive & best shooter challenge series.So what are you waiting for other wild animal extreme safari hunting games? Just click on install button and enjoy dino hunting game 3D: FPS shooting and discover wild nature and extinct dinos. Hunt dino with weapons and try to complete challenging levels.
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