Grand Panther Flying Superhero City Battle

In a world of GRAND PANTHER FLYING SUPERHERO CITY BATTLE when there is destruction around, flying superhero panther simulator always come for crime city flying rescue missions. Grand wild panther superhero war city in under attack of city mafia, gangster and under bad super hero villains like Spider superhero, Bat superhero, Arrow hero, superhero Halk and transform small Ant Hero as well. For super panther flying hero battle rescue mission, a flying panther superhero has come forth to help New York police, eradicate city mafia, crime gangster and to fight the crime. Wild Panther flying hero possesses incredible crime-fighting skills in this superhero vs. superhero Black Panther games. Flying Panther superhero can fly for city rescue mission and fight crime with super panther flying hero battle skills in this wild panther superhero war city game. Super flying Black Panther Hero is referred as a real fighting warrior for city survival. This is Wild flying panther superhero who is not afraid of any criminal, city mafia, gangster, robbers, and drug dealers or terrorist. It's time to become super panther flying hero the savior of grand city and help them out in this superhero vs. superhero Black Panther games. The fighting panther simulator warrior can fist fight, fly around and shoot down the criminals on the scene. The crime rate is on the peak in wild panther superhero war city. The super panther flying warrior has to do something now to save the futuristic grand city. You are a good soldier and has to instant kill all criminals in this superhero vs. superhero Black Panther games. Win the flying panther battle and rescue the city in emergency rescue missions of GRAND PANTHER FLYING SUPERHERO CITY BATTLE game.Police and US Army are unable to control mad city mafia & Normal Street fighting criminal activities in the futuristic city of New York. This superhero vs. superhero flying black panther lets you play as eminent flying panther superhero or well-known black wild panther superhero war city having the well-developed strange hero or Iron hero and deadly street fighting abilities which are needed to engage in highly intense hero city battle and rescue the people of survival city from vicious gang city mafia. Get engaged in epic versus strange hero or street fighting war in highly intense super panther flying hero battle or highly dangerous crime city rescue and eradicate all the mad city mafia along with real street fighters using flying panther superhero or highly skilled flying panther and well-known bat hero skills utilized in city wars from different location of Vice City. Eradicate evil from City Street with intense fighting. The city mafia plunders the city civilians and takes away their belongings. Grand Panther has to eradicate and instantly kill the crime now. Become a good soldier always require fighting skills to make a critical strike in this superhero vs. superhero Black Panther games.In this wild Panther superhero survival mission your flying panther hero has to defeat these super villains who have mutant powers. Superhero panther is in a strange war which has just started with panther future mortal battle. Take your sledgehammer and attack with the full power like a hammer hero in this panther hero city battle. The Super strange war hero is here to defend the city with flying Panther Superhero vs. Crime City. Grand Superhero Panther Flying City Rescue Mission you will engage with various situations where you have to defeat gang city mafia and thug's mafia as an eminent grand flying panther superhero or vigilant flying panther chosen from superheroes. GRAND PANTHER FLYING SUPERHERO CITY BATTLE is an exclusive blend of US Army superhero rescue games, flying hero games, superhero adventure & super power games.GRAND PANTHER FLYING SUPERHERO CITY BATTLE- Realistic City environment.- Challenging Black flying Panther Mission.- Smooth and easy controls.- Addictive panther hero gameplay.
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