Hunters War

Rivals await you in Hunters War! Conquer Rival Empires during action packed matches, crush enemy forces in mystical combat, and outsmart competing players with style by building strategic battle tactics; in the most captivating new PvP MOBA gameplay!Command Hunter Heroes:Choose from 6 Hunters (Viking, Barbarian, SpellCaster, Shadow Ranger, Pyro, and Arbalist) to control during battle by combining movement of the Hunter's Joystick, and Strikes from the Hunter's attack buttons!Master Powerful Skills:Equip Special Hunter Skills to bring to battle. Utilize these mystical skills strategically in battle to cause epic destruction!Deploy Minion Troops:Support your Hunter by enlisting assistance from fearsome Minion Troops and deploying them in the battlefield!Magical Stones:Find and Harness the brilliant power of 10 Magical Stone Cards. Each Stone contains a potent spell, giving your unbeatable team an ability during battles ranging from higher damage for your Hunter, to higher defense for your Towers!3 Lane MOBA Battles:Defend your Empire from Rival advances in Real MOBA 3 Lane Arena!Build Your Epic Team for Battle:Perfect your battle strategy by finding your compatible Hunter and by exploring combinations of Hunter Skills, Minions, and Stone Cards to build an unstoppable team!Collect the Most Fearsome Battle Cards:Collect and upgrade your battle cards to build an unstoppable eam!Open Crates to unlock a variety of new cards from Hunters Skills and Minions Troops to agical Stones and New Hunters!
Operating System Android