FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter)

Play Heroes possessed with unique skills in this unlimited global network battle!Pixel style character's battleExperience the variety of weapons and unlimited battles!Defeat opponents to become the champion of the unlimited battles for each season.FeaturesCompete with players worldwide in real-timeExperience the best controls of mobile shootersFight against action figures with unique abilitiesPerform strategic power-ups with experience acquired in battlesChallenge the champion and become the top in seasonal rankings!Play new heroes with special skills added every seasonUpgrade and make the action figures more powerfulPlay now!Great for those who like FPS, but are tired of battle royale games.Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PlayNANOOOfficial Community : https://forum.playnanoo.com/fpsSupport : https://forum.playnanoo.com/fps/help
Operating System Android