Pocket Ball Release Pinball To Snap Into Bucket

Objective :Hold and release pinball correctly into tank to collect more balls into pocket and to reach high score. It's highly addictive and challenging game playGame control and Game play :Game contains a spring consists of 3 balls in it and a tankHold to stretch the spring and snap ball into pocketFor one correct hold one ball goes into tankPlace ball correctly into tank to reach high scoreAnd to get an additional ballsCollect stars to unlock new ballsCollect ball to get an additional ball in springGame over occurs when all 3 balls didn't go into pocketBenefits :Highly challenging game playGreat time killer gameBoosts attention and concentrationMind Refreshing game playTricks and Tips :To continue with the longer game playGreat precision and Timely tapStay always focused while playingHave coordination with hand and eyesGame Features :Simple Hold mechanismGlobal Leaderboards to Challenge friends with highscoreShare option to share score with friendsSoft store to purchase new balls
Operating System Android