Bee Vision Bumblebee AR Experience

INCOMING MESSAGE FROM OPTIMUS PRIMEStatus: UrgentBumblebee, this is Optimus Prime, your Autobot leader. I am contacting you from Cybertron with a critical mission. The Autobots and the people of Earth need your help. Our most powerful artifact, the Allspark, the source of all Transformers life, has shattered into pieces. We have tracked their signal to Earth. The Decepticons are coming for them. We must get to them before the Decepticons, or else they will wield unimaginable power. Find the shards, secure them, and protect the people of Earth from the Decepticon attack. I'm counting on you Bumblebee. Gear up, and roll out!BRING MIND-BLOWING AUGMENTED REALITY TO YOUR WORLDThe Bee Vision app is an action-packed experience that uses augmented reality markers to bring the battle to life in your room! It's almost like being inside a video game! With Bee Vision wearable gear, you can battle Decepticons by targeting and destroying enemies that appear around you in your real-world environment. You'll blast through 10-levels of play on a mission to locate and secure Allspark shards before the Decepticons get them. Face off in a final showdown against the merciless Megatron to defeat the threat once and for all. Along the way, you'll hear guidance from Optimus Prime, voiced by Transformers legend Peter Cullen.PLAY AS BUMBLEBEE ANYTIMEGear up like Bumblebee with or without the Bee Vision augmented reality goggles. When you remove the goggles, you can wear the mask by itself and role play as the courageous Autobot scout.HONE YOUR SKILLS, MASTER THE BATTLE, AND EXPAND THE EXPERIENCEHone your skills in target practice, then unleash the full story experience! The action comes to life around you. Completing the mission unlocks additional modes of play, including Endless Mode and increased difficulty. To further expand the experience, scan the coded disc included with the Bumblebee Stinger Blaster (sold separately, subject to availability). The scanned code unlocks a power-up that boosts your battle ability in the app.Please note: This app requires access to your device's camera. Visit your device's settings to enable the camera.Device Compatibility: Bee Vision mask and Bee Vision app work with select iPhone and Android phones not exceeding 6 inches by 3 inches. Bee Vision app not guaranteed to be compatible with any future operating system or devices - Check for app availability and compatibility.Compatibility with Toy(s): Bee Vision app is only compatible with the TRANSFORMERS Bee Vision mask (sold separately).
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements None