Wild West Cowboy Gunfighter: Western Cowboy Games

Gameplay of the Sandbox Style Open World Free to Play West Game:A veteran Gold hunter cowboy Mr. Watson from old west enters into southwest Mexican/ vaqueros on the invitation of wildwest sheriff and deputies for dead wild redemption from some Gunslinger Train Robbers. No day without murderous duel in western dead red town of wildland of cowboys game. The wild warrior bloody west mafia and west lord bandits had turned the vaqueros' town into Wild West battle land. Wild wildwest bounty hunters are robbing the Freight Train to steal the gold stop this goods train robbery in ultimate gun shooting. This open world west town game of FtP best describes the westward cowboy culture of 1600 ad in juegos de vaqueros.West Life and Cowboy CultureBefore the invasion of infamous west bloody cowboys legend on the west town, the western cowboys were living peacefully. Western world sheriff, his deputies, Pretty cowgirls, and lawless cowboys had cattle ranch with cows herd, horses and dogs, wildland animal parks, black smith shops, festivals with sword fighting and arrow shooting in best gun slinger cowboy games and robbery train games. Wild west cowboys game gunslingers and cow herders were trained Colt Revolver or Winchester shotgun gunslingers and gun fighters legend known for bounty hunting and gold hunting in the westland in one of the top open world cowboy games and train shooting games.Western bounty hunters had vast wild territory of new Mexico, dig for gold, trade with cattle ranch and wildland animal park the western cowboys were happy to become wealthy with cattle baron and cow herds.Invasion of Bloody Wild Western Gunslingers Mafia GangWild west town needs red redemption from bloody gunfighters the infamous bandits, robbers and thieves who have invaded the western town making the lives of inhabitants dead and dull. Western gangster redemption mafia likes gun shooting, sword fighting in the middle of the town, horse snatching, gold digging, treasure looting, they loot the trains, they invade on the horses and buggy. They abduct sheriff's wife for gold and ransom, they hunt in the desert for diamonds, hunt for gold, hunting deer and stag for food, they attack cattle ranches, infights with the vaqueros and cowboys made many dead. They are upto gold hunting and bounty hunting in latest train rescue and robbery shooting.Open World Survival Hunter Missions- Free Style Game Play- Your World! Your RulesWander around and discover plenty of hidden and visible Quests. Enjoy main quests, daily quests and side quests in the immersive wild west scenarios in one of the top western cowboy games.Some of the missions and quests are set disclosed for broad view of the journey as a red town dead gold hunter cowboy. Rest of the missions are secret and hidden you have to explore the west town world to discover and accomplish them for extra fun and bounty.1. Freight Trains Robbers- Horse Riding and Gun Shooting Mission2. Jungle shooting- Shoot the Robbers hunting the jungle animals for food3. Clear the Next Town from Lawless Bandits4. Save the Abducted Sheriff's Wife.5. Kill the Bloody Wolves attacking the Cattle Ranch.6. Buggy Race- Buggy thieves & lawless bandits Shotgun shooting.7. Free to Play Gold hunting Missions to collect the Gold.8. Animal Park hunting- Hunt the chickens, deer and Stags for Food and survival.11. Sword fight action mission with bloody mafia who are bullying the cowgirls.12. Draw the gun and shoot quest.13. Collect the Weapons and Ammo (Bow and Arrows, Revolver, Pistol, Shotgun, Bullets).14. Horse riding, arrow shooting and gun fighters training.15. Plenty of hidden and secret missions to explore and complete.This is best openworld cowboy gunfighter game where western vaquero gunslinger is on shooting and west wild survival mission as a wild west hunter.Your feedback will be highly appreciated for further improvements offering the best user experience.
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