Combo Rush - Keep Your Combo

Combo Rush is an action puzzle RPG game with a unique gameplay. Unleash powerful combo attacks and beat every stages! 100% FREE-to-Play! DOWNLOAD Now!Join Sten, the talented swordsman, in a thrilling adventures! Help him to upgrade his skills and execute challenging combos. Collect mighty pet companions along the journey to assist you in combat.+ Unique gameplay+ Challenge your eye-hand coordination to the limit+ Execute never-ending combo attacks+ Defeat powerful monsters and make them your pet companions+ Beat all the challenging stages+ Prove your skills by getting the top scoreWhat are you waiting for? Install and Play Combo Rush now and experience all the exciting and challenging features!FREE-TO-PLAYInstall and playBEAT ALL THE CHALLENGESKeep up your combo attacks and defeat the enemyGET THE HIGHEST SCORECompete with your friends to be the bestCOLLECT THE LEGENDARY PET COMPANIONSEach pet has unique skill, such as: Heal, Bomb, Time Stop, and many moreBE PREPARED FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTUREBring useful items to help you on your journeyBOUNTY HUNTERSHire mercenaries to collect coins for youCombo Rush is a fun game to play with friends and family. DOWNLOAD NOWLike our Fan page : any question or suggestion? Please contact us at: comborush@duniapp.comPrivacy Policy :
Operating System Android