Antman Transformation Battle:City Rescue Mission

Antman Micro Transformation Battle:City Rescue Mission: Are you excited to play Antman games and transform into an ultimate avenger for your city that's being attacked by wasps?Here you have a super Antman and wasp battle that will allow you to use your powers of size transformation to battle the evil coming to destroy your city. As the hero Antman, you must protect the city not only from the big baddies but also the mafia and crime lords that are trying to oppress the citizens. Stand up for justice. Micro Transformation Battle:City Rescue Mission is a thrilling Antman game for all action and fighting game fans.Get all sorts of missions including rescue missions, battle missions, and use strategy to get the upper hand against your enemies.If you want to have the superpowers of Antman, throw a fidget spinner on people to make them small and destroy them. Discover your others powers now!Antman Micro Transformation Battle:City Rescue Mission Features:1:Superpowers to transform from big to small2:Can fly on ants3:Good fighting skills to destroy gansgters4:Very addictive flying simulator5:Interesting and non stop action packed city rescue missions6:Nice graphics smooth gameplay
Operating System Android