Immortal Paul: Street Fighting Hero

Immortal Paul: Street Fighting Hero is among the top taken fighting games filled with fighting arena, fighting contest, and superhero fight. It is an ultimate action fighting game full of super hero fighters and immortal enemies to fight against. Grand Paul is a taken tag player, a real superhero seeking ring fighting with the superhero army and other fighter superheroes like spider hero, flash hero and action hero.This taken fighting game is in the new immortal superhero games giving you every possible fighting including Ring fighting, King fighting, street fighting, Kung Fu fighting, robot fighting and online fighting. Moreover, this one of the grand immortal fighting games is full of new kings including Paul King, Armor King, superhero king and tiger king hero. This super fighting game is one of the free action games full of endless boxing battles and karate fighters to enjoy it fully.This super taken 3 fighting game is one of the grand superhero games introducing Fantastic Paul the king fighter to fight the epic ring battle and robot battle games. Super hero Paul will fight with multiple superheroes the mighty tiger king, Purple Nina, Thunder Jin and Green Lee. This Paul fighting game has an amazing game play and different ultimate king fighting styles in top taken fighting games. The different fighting styles like Kung Fu, ninja, wrestling, boxing, and karate. Grand Paul is a Super hero fighter which has to fight with the real grand immortal enemies and fake grand immortal gods in the best fighting games 2018.Immortal Paul: Street Fighting Hero Features- Realistic Gameplay, Easy Controls- Super Paul Fighting, Street Fighting, Ultimate Action Fighting- Different Fighting styles, Ninja, Kung Fu, Karate, Wrestling, Boxing- Grand Immortal Monsters, Ultimate Action Fighting- Multiple Characters, Tiger King, Immortal Paul, Green Lee, Purple Nina- Powerful Superheroes, Lee Hero, Rope Hero, Tiger King Hero, Speed HeroDownload action fight game to experience the grand immortal fight with the Fantastic Paul in different Immortal Superhero games to enjoy the taken game completely. So, install the game now to play with combo heroes and king of fighter the super street Paul King and fight tonight.
Operating System Android