Battle Craft Royale

Battle Craft Royale - Season 1. If you like square pixel multiplayer games, real battle games, or zombies crafts, then you will surely enjoy Battle Craft Royale! There are several game modes, and a square pixel world for you to unravel.In the beta version, we released Battle mode in online multiplayer games, for Battle Royale, several players on a desert island with special weapons playing the huge new open world game! Survive the battlefields, improve your shooting skills and develop new PVP tactics for FREE!Jump from the plane to craft island and try to be number 1, find friends, make lines and kill enemies. The players are scattered around the island with weapons that are chosen at the beginning of the game and are equipped according to the amount of gold won. Grab your pixel gun and shoot!Characteristics:- Pixel graphics and square personangens: Battle like incredible square characters. And new skins every week.- Survive gun games against other players!- Battle in multiplayer online games: Intense PVP gameplay against players from around the world!Collect gold and food to evolve your character.- Just like in real 3D block survival games, you can buy square pixel locking skins.- Grab a pixel weapon and immerse yourself in battle: fun pixel graphics in great shooting battles!- Great radiation island, this is where you have to survive while planning in the city blocks.- Multiplayer game is a totally free online game to download.- Chat available to make friends and create alliances.- Multiplayer game is a totally free online game to download.This game requires an internet connection.
Operating System Android