China Town Crime Stories: Mad Crime City Gangster

Ready to roll up on a wild, dangerously fun and action packed trip to Chinatown in crime city stories. Play China Town Crime Stories: Mad Crime City Gangster to drive multiple vintage car or fire any weapon as you explore the crime town 3D open world games. Experience everything mad city has to offer from indulging in mafia gang wars, mob wars, shooting up rival gang members and US police cop car chase missions in chinatown crime city stories street wars. Start your career as a foot soldier gangster in miami mafia crime city stories and become a criminal legend in Los angeles open world games. Explore the huge open world games mafia crime city with vintage cars, an outrageous arsenal and freedom to roam freely in chinatown urban street crime mafia games. Fight to survive street wars as you arrive in gangster town in midst of mob wars between miami mafia gangs of grand city in chinatown fighting games.OPEN WORLD GAMESRoll up on a trip from heart of los angeles crime city stories and start your underworld criminal career in chinatown gangster mafia games. Snatch american muscle cars roaming on the streets and drive around for endless fun and cause chaos in the streets of crime town crime city stories action games. Hit Us police cop cars and drive gangster car recklessly to escape police hot pursuit in gangster games war crime. Start a war crime gang war with rival mafia gangsters and increase your wanted level in crime city stories free open world games. Drive american muscle, vintage cars like stunt driver and explore gangster town in this urban crime simulator mafia games.CRIME STORY:The mad city crime stories revolves around "Mike" who has just arrived to LA after spending many years in las vegas, Mike meets with his cousins santino & muscle who runs a street gang in mafia crime city. Defeat street gangs, defend your turf against mafia gangster and fight with cops as you progress through los angeles crime city stories shooting games. The china town crime city streets are filled with street gangs, cartel wars and underworld mafia families. Mike and his gangster cousins fight to survive in mad city stories and defend their turf. Become the most wanted criminal of grand city. In this mafia city where crime is everywhere, you will have to hold your gun tight to combat the wildest street gangs ever!Dive deep in this open world games of lawlessness and anarchy, theft gangster cars, mafia crimes and street fights.China Town Crime Stories: Mad Crime City Gangster Games Features:Multiple street gang wars, car theft, cartel deals and US police escape missionsExplore the huge open world environment in mafia crime city storiesDrive multiple vintage cars, gangster car, supercar around mad cityBecome underworlds finest shooter in carnage & gang wars modesDownload China Town Crime Stories: Mad Crime City Gangster Games on your android devices now for FREE!
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Version 1.1
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