Super Robot Fighting Battle - Futuristic War

Are you ready for an Super Robot Fighting Battle - Futuristic War game of 2018 to experience unlimited demolition? If you are looking for robot mobile game rampage then this is exactly what you need this robots battle game is specially designed for those who love robots transformer, robot fighting and robot tanks battle games. As a guardian superhero your task is to transfer robots to the dark world from where there is no coming back. The robots war are designed with modern artificial intelligence that is equipped with swords to fight in survival mission against red robots. The rise of steel or down of steel depends upon your robot fighting skills! Use real robots steel sword, kick and punch attack to save humans. In this robot war game the opponent are not humans but the alien robots from the other world. The robot force that will fight in robotic fight is consisting on real robots who are savior of this planet. In this futuristic steel red robot transformation game you have to shoot maximum zombie robots to earn maximum scores that will help you to purchase more advanced guns for shooting the enemy robots.Futuristic robots games. Are combat X-ray robot simulation games fun and challenging?? If yes then you will also like Super Robot Fighting Battle - Futuristic War game. Steel Fighting game, experience the challenging futuristic flying robots survival missions that are just waiting for you. Futuristic mech robot is a special design for mech robot hero fan who love robot transformer, robot fighting and robot tanks battle games. Cyberspace alien mech robots strike on your city. They are rebel, cruel, gigantic and epic modern warfare shooter. Monster mech robot have X-gun attack skill, artificial intelligence skill, armor warrior skill, mortal combat skill super gun fire, boxing skill and tricks. They want to rush and crush Your sweet home. Red robot want destruction. City need a superhero so lets start a final world rampage with the help of police robotcars, RC robotics helicopter rescue the city and start playing the latest new game of 2018 become a super boxing champion and ultimate mech fighter. Robot war is all about robot fighting; war robot is going to be your craze if you are love playing robot shooting games. In this futuristic robot game you are a bot with a highly secret mission, for shooting steel robots you have to go in every part of futuristic sci fi environment for completing the challenging missions.Keep in mind that in secret buildings of sci-fi realistic environment, there are sniper robots on duty to stop you. Your duty is to stop the robot battle by killing all robo and keep moving forward until transformers fight is end. Aim your enemy's bots and destroy them by hitting fire button. Throw bombs and keep shooting as fast as you can. You can increase your strength and stability by upgrading your Mech robot. Wipe out the future unfriendly robots and turn them into dust! In this shooting robot game, there are different challenging levels in this street fight of steel robots. This sci fi robotic street fight is worth playing, this robotic war is going to be held between transformer steel robots and player robot shooter. Let us fight back with superhero Commando as bravest warriors to save earth from dangerous robots. It is time to play ultimate robo war shooting game of the century. Fire and fight to destroy all the enemy robots. This robot war game includes new robot fighting game with new combat skill. In this Super Robot Fighting Battle - Futuristic War, you are a bout with highly secret mission, for shooting steel robots you have to go in every part of futuristic ski fi environment for completing the challenging missions
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None