Deadly Dinosaur Hunter - Desert Dino Shooting 2018

Hunting in the desert is the most addictive and beautiful hobby of hunting dinosaur in Desert. If you have ever been a professional hunter, or you have been pro shooter, it will really relax your peace and mind. It is a really awesome hunter free game to hunt dinosaurs in desert. This Dinosaur Hunting game is all about fun & thrill. Dino hunting experience are very clever and smart so to be a professional Dinosaur Hunter you must have good skills like aim and shoot while keep holding your breath before shoot them. You have to do commando dino action some time hunting dinosaurs. Some dinosaurs are very quick sharp and you have to take extra precision while you are hunting them in t deser.When you comes to hunting of the dinsoaurs just want to grab your air gun, jump into a 4x4 jeep and go to some forested or deserted area where you could find a penalty of the deadly dinosaurs around. Your target are walking with a lot of other dinos and it's not easy to aim in a bunch of dinosaurs. Best dino shooter aims the target with precision and patience. Deadly Dinosaur Hunter is a first person shooting game with efficient guns control and attractive HD graphics and realistic sound effects. Enjoy Dino hunting with realistic animations.In this most realistic dinosaur hunting game hunt dinos from the passing by desert. Shoot at the deadly dinosaurs by using the accurate aiming and timing skills and get multiple hunts with a single shot. With imagination of limited time hnted dino, challenge yourself by hunting specific number of dinosaurs with the limited bullets to complete hunting levels.Boost your professionsal shooting hunting fever, get your hunting snipers and allow us to take you on forest weapon hunting world. Enjoy the most realistic hunting target professional experience ever. Desert sniper dinosaur hunting game is all about precise target shooting, aiming quickly and shooting at the right time. Develop your skills as a dinosaur hunter by shooting down as many dinos as possible in a limited amount of time. Become a dino hunting expert by playing this great dino shooting game.Hope you'll enjoy this crazy and amazing professional game for kids and adults as well.HOW TO PLAY - Deadly Dinosaur Hunter - Desert Dino Shooting 2018:-Touch and move with your finger on the screen to look (aim) around.Press Aim Button on Right Side to Zoom the SniperTap on the fire button on the down right side to fire.Aiming accurately at the dinosaurs will confirm you that it is hunted down.Game Features:-* Efficient Weapon control* First person 3D Shooting [fps] Game* Beautiful HD game graphics and sound effects* Stunning HD graphics & real sound effects* Fun, challenging and addictive gameplay* Real time Dinosaurs Hunting with animations* Easy to play, hard to master game* Multiple maps for Finding Dinos* Multiple Hunting WeaponsThanks for your support and keep playing our games!
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