Chicken Shoot Safari Hunting: Sniper Hunt 3D 2018

Welcome to the most accurate chicken shooting game on Google play Store. This is a new released adventurious & thrilling hunting free game, named as Chicken Shoot Safari Hunting: Sniper Hunt 3D 2018. Now you have experience of the real life hunting on mobile devices! It takes you to the real crazy chicken shooter simulator and wings shooting experience with a lot of chicken in America. This is one of the most popular chicken shooting and wings hunting adventures in the 3 jungles. We bring you to the extreme chicken shoot adventure in a real safari jungle, island and in the mountains where you can hunt chickens. You have played many hunting games like, bird hunting, animal hunting, rabbit hunting, dinosaur hunting, deer hunting, shark hunting and much more, but Chicken Shoot Safari Hunting with Modern FPS Sniper Guns is just for you to enjoy the real and extreme feelings of Sniper Hunting Games. Chicken Hunting & Eating are the luxury playing & cool habit of human beings all over the world. This is the only action and adventurous crazy hunting game which is based on 3D physics and chicken hunting, you all play many hunting games but games feature make you love to play hunting and chicken hunting make game completely change. Aim precisely & pull controls of sniper gun to shot your target also you can change, upgrade your sniper rifle. Your one of the best sniper game to hunt in this challenging chicken shoot game. Shoot like a professional Hunter, hunt with an eagle eye or you will lose your hunting level.Aim accurately to shoot the running chicken animal and get real animal hunting experience in a safari 3D environment, select forest from main menu. Enjoy the latest sniper shoot game by shooting chickens. Download the best action adventures and craziest hunting game 2018 to improve target free shooting skills. Perfect time to hunt chickens with Snipers. Hunt down your aimed targets and make the best of hunting season 2018.Chicken Shoot Safari Hunting: Sniper Hunt 3D 2018 is a super addictive chick hunt game to improve real huntsman experience.Best Game Features> Stunning chickens and high-quality 3D graphics> Realistic controls for best hunt & shoot experience> 10 exciting and challenging hunting levels> Best sniper hunter experience by shooting chickens in North America.> Modern sniper Rifle with scope to zoom in and zoom out> Breathtaking African safari forest environment> 4 Modern Snipers with Upgrading FeatureDownload Chicken Shoot Safari Hunting: Sniper Hunt 3D 2018 on your Android smartphones or tablets and have unlimited fun shooting chickens.
Operating System Android