Grand Iron Kungfu Flying Superhero Rescue Mission

Grand Iron Kungfu Flying Superhero Rescue MissionGrand Iron Kungfu Flying Superhero Rescue Mission this game have a mission to rescue the people from the terrorists and help the people that are injured in blast or accidents, that watching you for the help now at this time you need to be a flying Iron super hero that can move from one building to another and can fly in the sky with lightning speed and with having strong control to save yourself because high buildings are in the city that will be restriction of your way in the flying. You are experienced in flying in the city and reach at right time on the emergency. The hospital and the supermarket are too far away because there is only one hospital in the city any different peoples will in waiting of rescue in emergency. There is a big emergency when flying superhero needs more actively work for people to save them from the building that had blast with a bomb by criminals and have to rescued the injured people as iron hero. At this point, Iron flying hero needs to call the squad people that are already trained by the super flying hero to make people safe in the emergency and they can fly with the help of hoverboard. Some people that are very serious flying iron super hero will pick them up and start to fly to send transfer them in the grand city hospital by flying because there will traffic rush in the city and take time to go in the hospital so you have to fly in lightning speed and save the peoples in a blink of eyes. Some people need first aid that will provide by your rescue mission team to make people secure in the city. In this flying hero game you have to play this futuristic robot superhero is a very talented person who can run car and also bike. Our Grand iron flying superhero secret mission 2018 playing the role of hero for the people and also police swat to guide them and trained them to make sure the security of people from bad people and emergency Grand Iron Kungfu Flying Superhero Rescue Mission game.Incredible superhero taking revenge from Grand ninja warrior, so high your Ultimate steel ring battle experience in this grand wrestling and make sure your skills are very high with correct timing. Defend the streets and become the Master of Ninja superhero. Kungfu ring battle is a game of patience, energy and time to time learning depend on practice because this is totally based on sharp mind and active body only its possible by practice. In the Grand city, there will be consort that has heavy rushy traffic with there bikes, cars, etc here Monster criminals and Mafia. The real fighter also has great skills in the real world, he can also participate in other games like racing it may be car racing, bike racing or cycle racing this is the person that has talent. Finally, after the City rescue mission day, he decided to finish this gangster, criminal life but he needs people help in city rescue superhero mission. This is the challenging game for you because have different difficulties at net levels need expertise. Grand Iron Kungfu Flying Superhero Rescue Mission (GAME PLAY)- Take your first fly experience of flying iron hero- Take the secret missions of rescuing peoples- Arrest the terrorists and grand city mafia - Help the police department to searching the grand mafia gangsters- Collect gold coins by winning the multiple missionsGrand Iron Kungfu Flying Superhero Rescue Mission (FEATURES)- Futuristic flying iron hero experience, as superhero- Robotic superhero realistic sounds- Win & buy the golden coins- Buy the favourite weapons by gold coins- High graphic environment - Easy to download and easy to play
Operating System Android