You are the survivor hero going to the forest as pre hobby but you are caught by some dangerous and deadly dinosaurs.It's a survival war between the shores and you are on MOBILE. You have to be very careful, because in this awesome adventure with a mix of action and danger not only you are hunting in the forest, but also you are being hunted. Enjoy the dinosaur game(dinosaurer spil) in the jungle map of the lost world with a variety of vegetation. Discover the dino in a beautiful nature of the age of extinction like in movies or wallpapers, hunt and collect your weapons, and try to move all levels.Experience the thrill of being an actual Dinosaur HunterGet ready to play thegame for a super fight 3d game, play this game free. You'll feel as a real fight in this wildly animal dino hunting 2018 games. You are a hunter or prey in this exciting simulated dinosaur game wreckage. Your mission in this dino game is to finish and kill a certain amount of wildly wild animals at every level in war girls. If you will manage to survive in a fight Jurassic areas to your battle skills, then every completed mission for you will get more coins to buy more coins in this survival war.Experience the thrill of real dinosaur hunter in the mountainsEveryone knows dinosaurs are wild, deadly and dangerous animals in this dino hunter deep african forest wars story. You are retired from nova army and well familiar with weapons. In this dino hunting free games, you are only one who is familiar with old and modern weapons as a retired US Army Officer. Remind your modern skills to hit and shoot dinosaur. The only one man is this mission for your town, that's only you.Use a unique hunting accessories with different types of DinoGrab your sniper, assault, shot gun, pistol whatever you have, wild war in wild dinosaur kill. It's war against deadly dinosaur hunt to survive. If you like to play real dinosaur games then you have a great chance to play this sniper hunter wreckage action game. Dinosaur fighting games are liked and played in large number area across the world. Dinosaur has an extra strange power due to heavy weight. Dino is a wild and bulk animal like bear simulator in the world found in North American countries dinosaur games free.jeux de dinosauresDinosaurier-Spiele simulator dinosaurussimule dinozordinosaurs hunter How to play Game: -1 - Map is available to watch your target and their movement2 - Right side buttons are for shoot, zoom, swap and run3 - Left side button for movement and whole screen is intended for aiming,4 - You can find dinosaur in the map and chase them to hunt.5 - Health bar is top left to alert you.Features of Dinosaur Hunter Wild Animals* Radar is given to find your prey.* Multiple addictive challenging missions.* Console quality HD graphics.* No connectivity required while playing.* Various type of realistic pack of guns kingkong.* Full of action and interesting game play.* Awesome 3D graphics and prehistoric models* Attacking animations of wild animalsHope you'll enjoy this crazy and wonderful game for children and adults as well.If you like this, you can try our other games by clicking on "More from Developer" or visiting our publisher account and do not forget to rate and review.Give us feedback at:- for your support and keep playing our games!
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