PLAYERUKNOWN BATTLEROYALE is a last-man-standing shooter with survival and battlegrounds strategy. Player must fight with your weapons and supplies in a massive 8x8 km unknown island to be the battlezone survivor. This is mobile pubg BATTLE ROYALE.This realistic, high tension shooting game is set on a massive 8x8 km island map with a level of detail that showcases Unity version 2018 engine for android capabilities. Become the global king of the kill and last man standing in offensive desolate islands zone.HOW TO PLAY:After jumping with a parachute, you need to find cover and weapons, look out for other player. You need to stay and defend yourself, or run and find cover anywhere. The rounds is going on 10 minutes in rules. Then, the bomber will drop bombs to this area, making you and other survived players need to escape. After that, you need to find a vehicle and drive fast to the plane before the gunship take off. Where is the plane? Find yourself!STORY:You are an player unknown on a remote island where you are fight against 100 other players, they all want to be the battlegrounds survival. Players freely choose their royal pubgo starting point with their squad parachute jumping from airplane in skies, and aim to stay in the unknown battlefield zone for as long as possible. Drive pubg mobile vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in buildings, or become invisible by desolate on grass. Fornite, sniper, stealth, survive, or counter, there is only one playerunknowns Battle Royale.FEATURES:- Both singleplayer offline and PVP multiplayer strike online modes are available. Play with 4, 5, 10, or even 100 friends! Just shoot your gun freefire and fire in the hole.- Play as male or female characters. Create custom character by modify their appearence. Use shooter deputy fortnite's ghillie suit or just shattered without clothes at all. Both men and girl have different capabilities.- This game using photon best dedicated cloud server. Meaning you could begin the game offline or online, and if you are connecting to other player near you while playing, you will battle and clash with them. Automatically.- No need to create or join lobby or rooms anymore. All of us is playing on the same huge island map. All with zero condition. Never afraid lose signal!- Many original maps to explore, like black desert town, marsh cry swamp, pugb military base, Hope County block, Montana h1z1, terrorist city, fort nite, fartnite zombies outpost and more. You can guide and create your juego chicken dinner basecamp and loot in them.- Drive different cars such as dacia, buggy, tank, helicopter, or truck. You can hit and run enemies, smash them, or just escape from pubg android.- Collect and craft many unlimited weapons and firearms, like free fire frying pan, AK47, AWP Sniper Rifle, M4A1, HIZ1, Black Arma guns, submachinegun, Mine field detector, rust out knives, playerunknown's grenade launcher, and many more pubg game related pistol.- Zombie mode playergrounds 1.0 and royal teamkilling arena mode is ready soon in the next update.- Winner winner chicken dinner! Get ready your ultimate pocket smart phone. Download this battlegrounds game battle royale games 2018 for FREE!
Operating System Android