TO ALL HEROES LOOKING FOR GLORY....Engrave your name in history as you fight for the freedom of your people in this epic medieval quest against the most ruthless tyrant - King Mott. King Mott is crossing new limits of brutality. Time has come to restore the freedom of our people. We heard your arrow never miss a target. You are our last hope. Storm the bastion of tyrant and eliminate his men by the FORCE of your ARROWS.Get ready to enjoy:EPIC QUEST FOR FREEDOM- Enjoy this long quest to crush the might of King Mott by your deadly strikes in various parts of his kingdom. Be the bravest knight and fight your way through hundreds of single player missions with unique and enjoyable gameplay. This is a long war, be ready for it.- Unlock multiple weapons as you progress in your quest for freedom.- Keep in mind your mission and don't let stunning beauty of the fighting locations or adverse weather conditions come in your way.- Experience the action of third person shooting as you kill the brutal enemy knights and soldiers.ADVANCE ARSENAL AT YOUR DISPOSAL- Choose wisely from an array of multiple bows and explosive arrows to finish King Mott's soldiers.- Deadly Catapults at your disposal for the destruction of heavy armoury of enemies.- Sharp Spears to rip apart armours of King Mott's army.- Strong Armour and magical Elixir to protect you from enemy assault.PvP BATTLES FOR SUPREMACY- Show your grit in real time action packed multiplayer battles with the help of your formidable squad.- Upgrade your squad for more power and become the undisputed champion of PvP.RAISE YOUR LEGION- You can form your own Legions of friends or join Legions of your buddies to compete with other Legions in ongoing tournaments.- Earn handsome rewards by securing top positions in the tournaments.COOPERATIVE GAMEPLAY- Invite your Facebook friends to play this addictive game along with you.- Exchange gifts items with your friends and use these items against your opponents.- Share your heroic accomplishments with your friends.
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