Hammer Car Crash : Police Gangster Chase

Are you a fan of police car chase games? Have you ever drive a 4x4 or 6x6 police vehicle? Time to show the real car crash stunts with Hammer Car Crash Police Gangster Chase. Smash the city criminals with huge hammer over your car. Chase gangster on your police car and don't hesitate to smash with hammer. Those who love playing police car games to smash gangster car crash engine with hammer police car. Drift on the roads before your destroy car engine. All those monster cars trying to take over the city should be scared of the hammer crash. Amaze yourself with crazy car stunts, extreme police car chase, and an adventure to crash cars with heavy hammer.This is an extreme car chase simulator with police hammer car engine crash. Destruction is your objective but don't let the traffic get in your way. Clear the city from gangsters and begin the police car gangster chase. Crash your opponents with powerful heavy hammer. Play police car games and be in power of destroying enemies with hammer smash. Hammer car will help you fulfill the cop duty with crash engine simulator. Smash gangster cars, street racers, thugs and mafia crime lords.Demolition all cars that come your way. The city needs you, ride your way to crash opponents. Chase gangster cars, criminals and mad city mafia lords and smash them with hammer. Make engine crash destruction the fate of city mafia gangster.
Operating System Android