Goku Dragon Kai: Saiyan Attack

Retains all the fast paced and explosive action from previous Tenkaichi titles all in one portable package.In this mode you will go through the entire Saiyan Attack story from the arrival of Goku's brother Raditz to the defeat of Majin Buu. You will spend plenty of time in the over-world map guiding your fighter to certain destinations and encountering various foes.You would have to battle the same enemy numerous times consecutively, even if he isn't your primary target. This can grow tiresome even to the most die-hard Saiyan fan. This was done away with in Tenkaichi. Enemies are spaced out much further and are easier to avoid. It's really rather simple to make your way straight to your primary target without worrying about bumping into a random enemy and wasting time on a needless fight. The developers decided to be nice this time and give you a chance to avoid a random battle even if an enemy is right on your tail. For example, if you are using Goku, you can press the square button to use Solar Flare to temporarily blind any nearby enemies. You can then make your escape. Though you're limited to two bursts until your gauge refills.Tag Team's Free Battle mode you can choose to relive classic fights from the series or create your own. Want Future Trunks to duke it out with his kid self from the Buu arc? You can do that and pretty much any other fight you can imagine. The action is identical to that of previous installments in the Tenkaichi series (that's right, all the biggest and baddest moves from Tenkaichi 3 are still here) with some control revisions due to the PSP's lack of secondary shoulder buttons and dual analog nubs. It's mostly the same so Tenkaichi veterans shouldn't take too long to become accustomed to the new control configurations. New-comers will find the controls comfortable and easy to learn. You can also make use of the training mode to get the hang of the game's unusual third person perspective and to develop your skills for use against the CPU or friends in the Multiplayer mode.
Operating System Android