Gunship Battle Strike: Helicopter Air War Mission

Gunship Battle Strike: Helicopter Air War Mission puts you in the gunner seat of the powerful and secret helicopter war. Your enemies are very powerful but you are a well-trained and a professional warrior of chopper striker. You have entered the army in death zone to target diploid and secured area camps of your enemies, ships, tanks, and other battle equipment should also destroy. So just show your technical and warrior skills and destroy the enemy chopper and other army vehicles and helicopter etc. There are different combat missions with different targets of fight in the air and different environmental areas as Desert or Mountain or deep sea and rivers and snow mountains.In the Gunship Battle Strike: Helicopter Air War Mission there is dangerous and assassin fight of jet and their quality of sound is really stunning. You will listen the realistic sound of the striker helicopter as a thrill and frightened or terror. We have introduced Helicopter Air War Mission for lovers of fps or 3rd person fighting games. This gunship helicopter game is like a real fight of a helicopter.In this death zone or warfare of helicopters, the air strategically is firing your powerful battleship or machine guns and devastating missiles to slay hordes of enemies and complete secret missions across the world. Guide about the battlefield with accuracy to your critical and stealth or war helicopter and demolish the military bases of your enemies in the world's greatest conflict and war experience! Commando strike game combines different warrior tactics, flying skills or drone attack in a battle or attack in a fight of a helicopter and observing of the right amount of ruthless enemies in these wings of commando war and combat mission as strike game! This attack mission game is like a battleship mission in which drone attacks as a jet fighter in airship fight or battle.Assault in air war is a call of the critical duty as a fighter in a fight of helicopters and ships. Shadow of stealth made helicopters can confuse you. Helicopter gunner can attack enemies in the secret mission. In wars of shadow, the enemy drone is quite ready to attack with weapons which are lethal. Survival of tanks or helicopter is very important for the killer of the enemy.Gunship Battle Strike: Helicopter Air War Mission is the Skippy helicopter and the realistic battle of the 3D helicopter. This simulation of the gunship in a battle is an action game available on Play Store. Strike of Gunship Helicopter keeps you on the gunner seat of the powerful fight in air and war of helicopters. To easily win the Gunship Battle Strike: Helicopter Air War Mission and successfully complete it's all missions, take cover and hide out in the heights of skies by keeping the helicopters away from the enemy trackers and secretly taking out the information about the movement of tanks or helicopters of the enemy army. In mania of fight of helicopters keep a strong and steady air aim, along with an extremely accurate flight of drone increases the skills of jet fighters to take down the enemy air force from a distance.In the air force game or Gunship Battle Strike: Helicopter Air War Mission your war helicopter is equipped with modern weapons to showdown flight in battle or battleships of your modern enemy. It's an ultimate air conflict and a war of gunship in 2018 between you and awesome other modern enemy fleets.You should not carry away performing but travel by keeping to your enemy in the range of jet fighter or war helicopter. Your duty is to destroy enemy battleships and helicopters in this mission of destroying to helicopters otherwise your mission will be failed which is not good for a warrior of a mission to destroy the Helicopters. Gunship Battle Strike: Helicopter Air can teach you to fight in such death zone where terrorist and other anti-peace forces and gangsters are ready to destroy your air force and helicopters and jet fighters.Launch the attack on the most dangerous enemies now!
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