Grand Arrow Hero Survival Superheroes Rescue

Visit the most extraordinary world of Skull Island where Apes are the most intelligent species in Grand Arrow Hero Survival: Superheroes Rescue. Don't judge the Apes as animals they are dangerous and if they are together they will destroy all in their way. Apes are not alone they have the most dangerous animal of the wild as there king. They mighty Kong will destroy the world and rule it as its only king. The Mighty Ape's king the Kong has adducted the all the super heroes and have kept them prisoner inside the kriptonian cave so they can't use their powers. Super Heroes like Lightning Hero, Monster Hero, and the Darkest Bat Hero to rule the human Earth. Now you will be playing as a Grand Arrow Hero to save the supper Heroes from the darkest parts of the Jungle in Grand Arrow Hero Survival: Superheroes Rescue. Only the Grand Arrow Hero and Ultimate Archer Hero are in-between way to stop him. The incredible Arrow hero is the one who can stop the mighty Kong Villain and can save the day. Play both as Grand Arrow hero and Super-Fast Archer Hero in Grand Arrow Hero Survival: Superheroes Rescue. Fight the Apes and survive in the Dark Jungle to save your Friends.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None