Superhero City Crime Battle: Street Crime Fighter

A super natural, crime operation game filled with thrill and adventure. After the increase in the crime rate in the dark streets of your city by superhuman forces people are crying for help and looking for their giant hero to save them. Superhero City Crime Battle: Street Crime Fighter is an anti-crime battle of Superhero vs Mafia.Superhero City Crime Battle: Street Crime Fighter brings a wide range of superhero fighting squad including the masked hero, action heroin, action hero, spider heroes and flying superstars to lead the City Rescue Missions. The dark evil forces are spreading through the city, everyone is panic stricken. The tough guy and tough girl of the area are trying their level best to be the rescue heroes save the children from the prevailing horror. You are fighting for of those innocent people so use your acute sight, become diligent to look out for any flubber made by the super villain team to win the fight between good vs evil. Some masked vigilante wearing costume and having any super strength will come to your aid in secret identity. This will be one mega gangster strike action.The new superhero games will enable you to become a fearless fighter on a deadly criminal chase. The Superhero City want their superhero team to spy on the dark forces and expose the city crime plan to break the awakened threat to the city. The evil metahumans are using dangerous powers against people, the people are losing hope. Who's the superhero? Recruit a team of action heroes and warrior princess and lead a gangster strike mission to do a crime fight in this scary crime battle. Superhero City Crime Battle: Street Crime Fighter wants you to superkick the and the deadly criminals of the Criminal Mafia.Get to work for the much awaited superhero battle, it's time to become the best flying superhero in the midst of other super hero fighter and universe defender during the extreme terror situations. Make a strategy against the Crime City Combat. The superhero teamup is required to invade the places where the evil forces are residing and weaken their forces and make them lose control over the city by knowing their crime plan. The heroes are expected to carry out battle flights in super speed to fight the superhero strength of those corrupt forces. In Superhero City Crime Battle: Street Crime Fighter use your supernatural power to do the strikes of the stars upon the evil masked man. The mafia heist will fight back with utmost power and dark energy to kill the Super light hero in this superhero vs criminal fight in ferocious superhero fighting game. It's the game of flying superstars and combo heroes.The crime fighter, vigilante warrior, costumed hero, super heroin, female warrior and the boy super hero and all other super hero fighters are the antagonist who will form a super fusion of their super powers to defeat the devil's associates in the fly hero city escape game going on.Superhero City Crime Battle: Street Crime Fighter brings the most awaited adventure of all times where you can be the new super hero among all the extremely talented and well equipped hero fighters in this crime fighting scene of superhero vs Gangster City Battle taking place. The New York Super Hero is gathering all your favourite heroes to catch the hero killer out there.Key FeaturesPlay as a superhero with super natural powers and equipmentRealistic backgrounds of the cityHD quality graphicsSmooth controls for fighting the enemy
Operating System Android