US Army Bomb Disposal Squad : Anti Terrorism Force

Become a part of the bomb disposal division of the US military which is committed to protect the life and property of the public by preventing bomb blasts.Prepare to join United States Army Bomb Disposal SquadEnemy has deep roots in this region and the terror is increasing day by day. The terrorists want to rule the world and imply their way of life. bomb disposal squad is a special team of trained commandos who have been sent to fight these terrorists.Enter the arena after killing all the terrorists ,become the hero by saving lives of civilians by diffusing the bombYou are an explosive ordnance disposal specialist Soldier and the Army's preeminent tactical and technical explosives expert. As a warrior you are properly trained, equipped and integrated to attack, defeat and exploit explosive ordnance, improvised explosive devices and weapons of mass destruction.Explosive ordnance disposal specialists are the culmination of the best tactical and technical training the Army and civilian academia can provide. They are prepared to perform missions in support of Army units worldwide, across all operational environments.Your duty is to Research and identify ordnance , Explosively disposing of hazardous ordnance and Prepare & maintain tools, equipment for bomb disposal.You have to accomplish all bomb disposal missions with focus and dedication. This is a free action game for action lovers. bomb defuse and disposal squad is an addictive game having plenty of guns to use against the enemy force. Get ready for the ultimate action.Be captain of this brave squad who is ready to accomplish this mission and tell the terrorists that they have not won yet. As trained commando fighters you have to stop the evil and kill all the terrorists. The enemy is great in number and they have planted bombs in different places to spread mischief and terror by killing the innocents. Enemy has all the guns and weapons to fight any trained army. Survival is the goal because we can't afford to lose lives in this war. Defuse the bombs in the all parts of the city.You have this mission to kill the enemy with strategy. Make a strategy where you could encounter the bloody evil fighters and teach them a lesson.Diffuse the Bomb Planted At an Airplane That is on Runway after Killing All the Terrorists and Hijackers.Show them you are better trained. Shutter their confidence down and see how they could fight then.The mission is to kill the enemy, clear the area and then defuse the bomb. Bomb disposal is the task to be done as soon as possible. You got to save the innocent lives and make sure the enemy dies. Transform them into dead ones. Win this war and defeat the enemy in this battle.Features:- First Person Shooting Action Game for CS lovers- Missions Mode, Bomb Diffuse, and many more critical missions- Many different weapons, rifles, snipers, pistols- Realistic combat environment, Amazing 3D graphics, immersive experience- As anti-terrorist assassin clear bombs and eliminate terrorist organizations- Action filled challenging game play- Immersive environment- A lot of thrilling missions to complete- Realistic sound effects
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