Eternal Horror

ETERNAL HORROR combines elements of action, strategy, collection and crafting to create a gaming experience like no other.Unlock and upgrade a vast array of original and iconic horror characters. Decide which amazing abilities they will use in battle and equip them with the mightiest gear you can acquire.Classic RPG-style battles lend a sense of familiarity to a wide range of players and provide a simple yet in depth fighting system.Take the strongest of your characters into the PvP Arena to engage in asynchronous combat against other players. Climb the arena rankings to win the best rewards.Boss Battles will challenge even the best players. Can a trio of your own defeat a single, super-powered boss-level character? Strategy is key.Daily login rewards, unlockable achievements and regular additions of new content allow for a fulfilling gaming experience every time the game is played.Fans of Lovecraft, Cthulu, Darkest Dungeon, Arkham Horror and Elder Sign are bound to enjoy this hero collecting game!"These are dark days...These are the days of...ETERNAL HORROR"
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