Call Of Sniper Final War

A man, a gun, alone within the enemy to complete the glorious missionFollow your mini-map to navigate your route and do not get lost in the mountains, assassinating terrorists in the woods. As a super sniper rifle hero, you'll face different exciting challenges in your first four missions, but the last one has some big surprises for you. Shoot with advanced sniper rifles and direct the nationwide military warfare. the is your chance to prove yourself to be a superhero. Defending the country from the threat of terrorists and preventing their terrorist operations.Use your sniper skills to beat them. Do you think you have the ability to help your country out of danger?Call Of Sniper Final War Features:- real mountain environment- Complex environmental changes- Guns:WAP, Try42, M200, M4, AK47, MP5, Barrett- real sound- Great sense of combatSuper sniper rifle
Operating System Android