Call Of Shoot Army Combat

Enter the game to show your shooting skills as your elite special forces use your guns and bullets to kill your enemies, but be aware of the time. Once you start shooting, your gunshots draw the enemy's attention and let the enemy know where you are, so be prepared to destroy all enemies in the shortest amount of time before you begin to act. Are you ready for the fight?You are a trained army battlefield special forces unit, is a tactical team and modern warfare forces. You are armed with machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades and you will complete a secret mission in the shootout to eliminate the evil forces that hinder the peace in the world. It is time to pick up your guns and become the bravest warrior in the battle. Terrorists have taken over buildings and are preparing for the next terrorist attack, and you have been assigned a special counter-terrorism mission. It is time to terrorize terrorists and eliminate them.Did the enemy occupy the city and afflict our people, can you abandon the people? Did you forget your mission?Call Of Shoot Army Combat Features:- Simple control interface- realistic battlefield environment- realistic game screen- Guns:M4, AWP, MP5, SL8G, AS50, Gatling, WA2000, DEAGLE- Real shooting effect- Beautiful map scene- exciting game- Different combat stance- Stunning music and sound effects
Operating System Android