Special Navy Commandos Battle Field

Get ready for a real action game in deep sea and underwater tunnel against dangerous terrorist in this Special Navy Commandos Battle Field. UN states are ready to fight with terrorist and destroy their camps with the help of classic weapons. You can combine all the forces like air force, navy soldiers and land army officers team to beat the brutal enemies navy ships in this special navy battle game. Army soldier are highly trained and ready to beat their enemies with the help of shooting skills.Special Navy Commandos Battle Field is for all special Navy Forces lover and sea fighting games fans. The Special Forces are trained to operate the entire battle field atmosphere like sea, air as well as land to fight with dangerous enemies like terrorist. Aim your enemies and shoot them with the help of your shooting skills which will give you in army training school.GAMEPLAY:Special Navy Commandos Battle Field is thrilling game with interesting gameplay where you play as special navy commando and escape your friend from terrorist hidden army base. You are ready to war against crime in the danger situation. Dangerous Terrorist squads are trying to attack your country and destroy your beautiful cities with the help of classic weapons like machine guns. Use your shooting skills and destroy your nation enemies like terrorist. Use your shooting skills while running and aims your target with the help of your lethal weapons in this action simulation. Aim the enemies' base camp and shoot your enemies from the top with the help of powerful helicopter. Choppers are wandering in the enemies ships and your duty is to aim the enemies to kill them with your shooting skills. Final battle has been begun and terrorist are ready for critical strike before your enemies are attack on the army forces. Thrilling missions are ready to blast the game in gaming world with the help of fighting missions.Special Navy Commandos Battle Field Features:- Play as third person shooter as well as FPS- Use your shooting skills to beat the terrorist- Shoot the rival with the help of helicopter- HD graphics with smooth controls- Addictive gameplay and battle field environmentSpecial Navy Commandos Battle Field is specially designed for all sea fighting game fans and helicopter shooting lovers. Dangerous Terrorists have engaged the island area and kept innocent citizens as hostages, your duty as a special navy commando force for such deadly operation is to abolish terrorists from the area and free innocent hostages with the help of your shooting skills. Dive in the underwater and search the rival base with the help of your searching skills. Enter in the underwater base and free your fellow from dangerous terrorist base center in the action game.
Operating System Android