Claw Blade Hero vs Dead Hero City Survival

Get ready for the thrilling and fighting missions in Claw Blade Hero vs Dead Hero City Survival where you save the city from dangerous super villains like super villain. Life of Blade heroes is full of danger and they are ready to sacrifice their life for city. Dead hero fights with brutal gangsters and monster villain in the vice city. Use your super powers like sword fighting skills and strange combos to defeat the crazy enemies.Claw Blade Hero vs Dead Hero City Survival is amazing game for all dead hero lovers and action games fans. You play as claw blade hero as well as dead hero and save the city form evil forces in this action simulator. Beware from super villain powers and bad guy's attacks in this fighting game. Escape missions is full of thrill and ready to blast the game in gaming world.GAMEPLAY:Claw Blade Hero vs Dead Hero City Survival is action game with interesting gameplay where you play as dead super hero as well as claws hero and fight with dangerous super villains like dangerous super villain. There are two story modes to play this exciting game. First mode is dead super hero mode in which you play as dead hero and save the claws blade hero from dangerous enemy's prison. Fight with dangerous city gangster and save your partner from these evil powers with the help of strange super powers like swords fighting techniques. Second mode is quite different where you play as claw blade hero and escape yourself from dangerous villain like monster villain compound. Escape from gangster jail and fight with them to save your life in this action game. Use your claws blade hero powers like multi fireball attack, claws attack and fight with dangerous city villain. Escape missions are full of danger and thrilling experience for fighting game lovers.CLAW BLADE HERO VS DEAD HERO CITY SURVIVAL FEATURES:- Play as CLAW BLADE HERO and save your friend- Choose your favorite gameplay to enjoy this action game- Fight with bad guys and super villains like monster villain- 3D Graphics battle environment- Fight with super villains with strange powers like sword skillsClaw Blade Hero vs Dead Hero City Survival is specially designed for all blade hero lovers and super villains' fans. Claws hero fights with dangerous super villains like monster villain, super villain and brutal gangsters in this fighting games. Bad rivals are trying to destroy the beautiful city with the help of evil powers and your responsibilities to save the city from these dangerous powers& become city savior.
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