Army Frontline Shooting Strike Mission Force 3D

Sniper is different from the average gunman, you must quietly fired a gun! When you are ready to open the second shot, then you are a failure!You fall into the heavy siege of terrorists, pick up your gun to defend the dignity of the sniper! Use superb gun style, kill as many enemies! As an elite sniper no matter how hard the mission you will go and perform well! Use the favorable terrain, after defeating a target immediately concealed to other shelters, so as to effectively ensure the safety of your life. Are you willing to be a savior at a critical moment or a reckless hero?The perfect reduction of the sniper battle, the most real war scenes, clever architectural layout, enough to show you all the capabilities!Army Frontline Shooting Strike Mission Force 3D Features:- real sound- a variety of powerful weapons- Real shooting effect- New gameplay- HD character appearance- Super many guns- Changing war scenes
Operating System Android