Big Deer Hunter : Classic Bow hunting game

It's winter season, mountain covered with snow and a perfect hunting environment for you. Grab your shooting guns, sniper or bow for deer hunting. Train yourself as ultimate deer hunter and experience best deer hunting game in 2017. It's hunting time! Big Deer Hunter : Classic Bow hunting game let you to hunt deer, lion & bear in wild jungle mountain and desert environment. It's time for you to be a sniper assassin and hunt wild deer bow hunting game. The New Year and christmas is around the corner and you have time to sharp your hunting skills. In this sniper shooting game you can use different upcoming sniper shooting guns, bow , knife and Sword to hunt deer and wild animal. Big deer hunter is full of action, shooting & hunting. Those how want to become deadly Hunter they love to kill deer and wild loin. The wild animal can attack hunter it's more likely survival shooting game. Using realistic sound effects of weapons (upcoming sniper gun, Bow shooting, knife & Sword ) and realistic wild animal loin, wolf, birds sounds makes Big Deer hunter as best hunting game in 2017 for real hunters. Hunter has no choice Hunt or be hunted by dangerous wild animals and use all weapons sniper guns, bow or knife for your survival. it's more likely survival battle between hunter and crazy wild animals. Hunt down all wild beasts in the jungle by your brutal attacking skills. Don't let jungle wild animals to escape they will start counter attacks.Big Deer Hunter Game STORYLife in army is always full of thrill and action. The life of army commando is full of action he has to perform more deadly missions. Army commando received survival mission to live one week in jungle. There are 12 mission and army commando have to pass the entire missions. There is one survival mission in this wild animal's loin and wolf will attack. There is commando rescue mission in which commando have to save deer from wild animals loin and wolf will attack on deer and you have to save deer from loin and wolf. There is commando shooting mission in commando have to hunt deer for sharp shooter skills.TOP GAME FEATURESRealistic wild jungle hunting Environment on mountainFirst person shooting (FPS) using different upcoming sniper guns and Bow ,knife & SwordMassive weapon collection (Bow, Sword and knife)Realistic Sound Effects of weapons and wild animalRun time loin, wolf and Deer hunting
Operating System Android