Iron space worm

The galaxy is in danger! Become a defender from the global onslaught of interstellar invaders.Destroy enemy space ships with an iron worm and laser guns.Use the drone of an iron mechanical worm to isolate the ships of enemies and to reflect the shots of the bosses.Use the panel with skills to more effectively destroy flying enemies (the energy for using skills is gained proportionally to the killed enemies). In the "Campaign" mode, you are waiting for 5 different levels, three of which include "Bosses", but to fight them you need to hold out against the space invaders ships. In the "Destruction" mode, you must stand guard over your spaceship, allocate the enemy with an iron space worm, so that the cannons can aim at their enemies. In the "Survival" mode, dodge all meteorites and space debris, hold on as long as possible.
Operating System Android


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