Killer Clown Attack Crime City Destruction Pranks

Prepare for genuine monster creepy clown city destruction challenge. Its time for you to take out your childhood hidden clown monster and start a real life hunting & doing clown pranks experience. This killer clown city destruction simulator is a phenomenal game based on city violence and demolishing the city structures by hiding your true identity and fooling the Police and public. In this game, you have to appear as a spooky & creepy clown who is responsible for creating violence and causes a great deal of fear especially in children. Choose your favorite creepy killer clown and make innocent city people scream upon sight of you. In this one-of-a- kind game, it's your job to wreak havoc as an creepy killer clown. Strike terror into town residents' hearts in different terrifying places. Destroy as many cars, bikes and city buildings as you want with heavy machines. In this Killer Clown Attack Crime City Destruction, you have the supernatural powers of shape-shifting and apart from clown attack underworld mafia wars, you are fearing the local community particularly the children. If you ever wanted to become a scary clown other than on Halloween party than this is your chance. Become a scariest clown by doing extreme actions. Smash and attack vehicles, buildings, playgrounds, and houses for ultimate destruction to earn points and level up. This is the evil part of a person who was outcasted by society and now terrifying the city as a revenge seeker. Everyone is afraid of horrifying and strange encounters with the demon killer clown. This creepy killer clown action game comprises of real life city demolition, creepy clown attacks, clown bank robberies and police crazy clown clashes. Clown City Destruction consists of various wrongdoing related missions including extortion, robberies, super clown juggling and extreme crime escape scenes with the help of extraordinary driving skills. Police chasing hazardous crook clown is a fun to outrage the law enforcement in your city. In this killer clown action game you are driving heavy vehicles like crane excavators, bulldozers & other construction machines. Your main job is to destroy innocent people's vehicles and scare them with extreme driving skills. Rough terrain vehicles, dark smoky roadside crime scenes, crazy clown attack stories is all this Clown City Destruction is about. Collect as much coins as you can and rule the underworld mafia of limitless war crimes. Begin your extreme real life crime story with a bang and register your extraordinary clown gangster skills by demolishing everything around you and meanwhile fool the police. Buy new clown masks and accessories to upgrade your monster looks. Show your outrageous creepy clown attack skills to become the killer clown of you city. Killer Clown Attack Crime City Destruction Pranks Features:- Multiple action packed scary prank missions.- Easy and interesting Game Play- Realistic clown animations of hitting - Smooth and intuitive controls - Multiple clown costumes and textures to choose from.- Realistic sounds & visual effects.
Operating System Android