Apes Revolt: War of the apes revenge

Apes Revolt War of the apes revenge is an adventure game of 2017.As a great leader, it is your job to ease their pain and rise your family a peace world to grow, even if the cost is countless lives during this revolution war. Apes Revolt: War of the apes revenge You found yourself all alone in the jungle run wandering the fear. Your adventure time is about to begin. Make a super hit hero escape story with your cover fire skills to explore the city wilderness carefully and rise. In this hard time, jungle adventure armed forces are always near you so very carefully attack & kill them for your safety. In this Apes Revenge, you have to control a huge gorilla male, who is infuriated by the fact that their humans entered his territory.The New Shooter experience.Join the resistance and Command this revolution like a real war hero.Take your weapon, strike the enemy army with a hail of bullet, grenades, massive guns in Apes Revolt: War of the apes revenge. Release the Fury of this War!Play for the survival of the apes in Evergreen hills. The battle is between the dangerous monster apes and the ruthless evil humans.This best shooting game gives you special operation force mission to kill the terrorist apes with a global strike or modern strike in heroic battle. Be ready for the future war of free shooting game in assassin frontier war as a monster superhero or incredible superhero to eradicate the deadly criminals & evil tree apes by assault sniper or escape sniper. In this survival game, attack enemies on fire with ruthless commando sniper as wars brave superhero monster and become the king of fury in best hunting game survival island. You have to chop down trees of the mankind apes age by utilizing your sniper attack adventure in tps modern shooter warzone.The evil apes in apes age have come to take over the world of angry apes.Play the most challenging survival missions as an angry ape hero fighter. With an exciting gameplay and thrilling adventures, this action game "World of Apes" is an epic play. Enter the world of ultimate survival games. An ultimate survival adventure in the cave.Apes Revolt: War of the apes revenge is about Plan a strategy to the human race, escape from the warriors and survive the mission. The apes are fighting survival war with deadly shooting gun and have to be precise to take a critical strike of US army.Let's become a superhero of jungle survival & shoot the deadly apes ruthlessly in a thrilling action game. In this ultimate 3D jungle survival game you need to back with vengeance as a superhero commando sniper. Incredible superhero of jungle universe defender in best action game will let you know the 7 human moves to destroy the going ape's squad. Use hidden map quest strategy to reach the secret destinations of ruthless apes & demolish the empire of apes age by using warzone tactics. Don't get too close to shoot the enemy for survival Island just stay far because your survival is important in the super rescue mission.Apes Revolt: War of the apes return Features:~ Thrilling and challenging apes shooting missions~ First ever apes vs evil apes war game.~ Cause Chaos & Destruction in the Town~ eye-catching & High-Quality 3D Graphics~ Use Melee Weapons & Jump Attacks~ Fight Against the Police Force~ Intense battle of apes and furious us army soldier~ Beautiful 3D graphics and amazing stunning environment~ Multiple controls option, change camera view, cover fire system
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