Flash Hero Prison Break: Secret Spy in Jail

Flash Hero Prison Break: Secret Spy in jail is another master game for all light hero lovers where you play as super light hero and escape from prison with the help of stealth survival skills. You become a flash light hero and try to escape from the police custody in the central jail. You can use your special power like speed run and beat all the prison officers by playing this action simulator. For successful prison escape or jail break, you have to make a smart strategy that will allow you to survive till the end in this Flash light hero prison Break spy in jail game. In Flash Hero Prison Break: Secret Spy in jail you will find yourself in high security based vice city jail having stealth survival skills. Beware from jail cops and escape from the prison like shadow. Steal the master key from prison warden carefully and unlock all jail computerized door with the help of master key. Light flash hero move carefully in high security jail with the help of Stealth escape Techniques and use your light speed power in this Survival game. Flash Hero Prison Break: Secret Spy in jail is exciting game with interesting gameplay where you play as Secret Spy Flash light hero and escape from the jail with the help of different escape methods. Jail warden has assigned all the officers only one job & that is to keep an eye on you. Beat your enemies with the help of your amazing powers like swords fighting skills and claws attacks. You can choose your favorite weapons like claws, swords and baton to fight with police officers in the city central jail. Super light hero has to take stealth moves to survive in this thrilling simulation. You are being watched by police sniper shooters, prison security guards equipped with lethal guns. Make new strategy to escape from city prison and move from vice city jail like shadow with the help of your speedy run power. You are secret spy in shape of speed hero with strange powers, the savior of the grand city. Don't afraid from dark prison which is full of danger & poison snakes. You are a grand flash light hero & you never give up so get ready to play this prison escape missions in this action simulator. Fight with cops and run for your freedom. Exciting missions are ready to blast the game in gaming world.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None