Jail Break Prison Escape Game

Make a great escape from the Cops person along with two more brothers from the narcos cartel wars in Jail Break Prison Escape Game, the one of the most amazing survival escape game you have played till now. A mind blowing person environment and a great war against cops while escape in the epic vice city. Use your criminal mind and escape the most secured jail of the world. Make sure you do in stealth mode so you get a minimum opposition. Kill anyone who see you otherwise he is gone sound the alarm and you will be dead. Be an escapist in the survival action game Jail Break Prison Escape Game. This game is inspired by the alctraz escape, the greatest escape made possible. Nothing is impossible, make the escape and be legend of the escape history. Jail Break Prison Escape Game is thrilling game with mind blowing missions where you make a plan to escape from city jail. You need to steal the keys of your cell and make the run. Once you are out of your cell make sure you go and get your friends from the narcos cartel wars. They are cowered and you need to make the every move and kill all the cops in your way. You will also need a gun to escape the prison so kill a cop and get his gun. Until you get the gun you have the rod of cops which also is lethal. You need to find the right way out of jail as well or you will be stuck in the jail for so long that the cops will find out about your escape plan and you will caught again. After escaping the prison is not the last survival escape mission of the game. The cops will follow you in the city. Make sure you kill them all and escape in the helicopter with your gang members. Police can't follow you once you are in the air.
Operating System Android


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