Street Kung Fu Do Fighter - Real King Warrior 2018

Welcome best street championship of 2018. In this, you will fight best street boy in the town. It is not normal wrestling game or a fighting game where wrestling superstars fight with each other but in this game you are going to witness punching, kicking, blocking and superkicks to take down opponents by superheroes. Be ready for Action-packed gameplay with different combat style like BJJ, Ninja fight, Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Kickbox, Sambo and many others dodging, rage, cuts, knockouts, technical knockouts. Enjoy an epic battle, choose and collect different heroes, in this instalment of the fighting game. Choose Street Kung Fu Do Fighter - Real King Warrior 2018 in real Fight Final City Battle. You are on the right track to get your daily adventure doze with this fantastic fighting games and boxing games! Control, Punch, Jab Punch, Super Punch, Superkick, Flip Kick and fight with all opponents carefully and defeat them badly, told them who is the boss. Being a master ninja you are looking in ninja fighting games or free kung fu games where you join any street combat fight or be the part of superhero fighting challenge. A martial art Kung Fu battles will arrange in the mafia death cage to pay for their crime & eventually would save his daughter life arrested by gangster gods. Master "Choi Hong Hi" is a Korean martial art champion that is professional taekwondo fighter & master of Kung Fu fighting styles.Rush into the streets and become the master of Kung Fu. Kung fu/Kungfu is a Chinese term referring to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete, often used in the West to refer to Chinese martial arts. The extreme racing championship against cycle, jeeps, trains, cars and motorcycles were held so there were many security cameras everywhere to arrest the mafia gangs but Lie decided to take risk to become a superhero in performing evil criminal duty to accomplish the ultimate mafia crime lord status in mafia underworld and serve with loyalty and dignity. he extreme action fighting game is a combination of spider hero street fighting games, superheroes Kung Fu fighting games, captain shield hero arcade fighting games and karate martial art fighting games. This kung fu street fighting challenge is most adverse yet fun fighting challenge for those who think of themselves as superhero street fighter or fun street killer and make this kung fu vs superhero fighting game best among ninja fighting games and fun fighting games. Kung fu boxing games or thrilling kung fu games are always fun fighting and fighting adventures like kung fu street fighting and involves all the legends like superhero street fighters who are actually master ninjas and fun street killers.Try different styles including Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Boxing and other and enjoy being a real combat assassin! Face and crush your opponents, humiliate demon bosses to prove your mastery and slash your way to victory. Play survival mode, fight against multiple deadly fighters, keep focus on the rivals' weak point and make your Kung Fu attack with your full strength and defeat world best fighters of different era including monster hero, captain shield hero, gladiator, war hero ninja, army lady, boxing action girl and giant demon hero. Beat all your opponents and survive on the ring as long as you can, unlock new super killing fighters and become the world Kung Fu strongest fighter champion. Ninja fighting games or free kung fu games are involving superhero fighting along with street combat fights. If you are like the fun street killer and looking in free kung fu games or ninja fighting games where you can groom your martial arts skills then this kung fu vs superhero fighting game is the best arcade game and karate game for you. Make action jumps and perform martial art moves like leg kick, fire attack and punch on the mouth like fun street killer or street combat.
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