Classic Chicken Shooting 2017

The chicken shoot 2017 game reminds you of old hen games with classic pistol shooting adventure in modern FPS shooting arena. Enjoy the most amazing animal hunting game while aiming the running chicks in the chicken farm house and take down all the screaming roosters using your gun shooting skills. The chicken shooter games are real fun to play as you can double your fun while enjoying both the shooting and animal hunting missions. Just like commando shooting games, take out your deadly weapons and be perfect at the killer head shots and smash all the invader chickens. Play the chicken fighting game to improve your birds shooting skills and be the perfect chicken shooter ever. Just like duck hunting games, take down the flying hens in no time like a perfect sniper shooter.The chicken shoot 2017 is one of the best chicken games for kids with most realistic shooting simulation ever. The chicken ninjas are all up to you so you have to take them quickly. You are provided with unlimited bullets, so pull the trigger and take down each and every screaming rooster in the backyard and become the master of this hen fighting games missions. The screaming chickens are great problem as they are rushing here and there. So be precise whiling taking aim of these jumping hens and show your best pistol shooting skills. As a chicken hunter, avoid miss fires because it will cause the chicks to escape fast. Once the chicks start running, it will become difficult to catch them down. So brace yourself for some tough chicken run challenges and prove yourself a real hen shooter.The classic chicken shooting game has multiple new and modern fun shooting features, just like bottle shooting games. Play the bullet hell shooter game with modern pistols and sniper rifles and enjoy amazing rooster fight without letting a single chick escape. There are multiple thrilling hen shooting games missions in the chicken attack game. In each chick invader game mission, you have to kill shot specific number of chickens within given time. Take down all the invader chickens to complete the hen shoot mission successfully. Each next shooting simulator mission requires more accuracy and precision. So be a sharp sniper shooter and don't miss a single gun shoot. Get cash rewards for completing each chicken shooting games missions and use the cash rewards to unlock amazing game features. Use the zoom button to clearly take the gun shots and become the top chicken hunter of this chicken adventure game.Top Multiple Features of Chicken Shoot 2017 Game:- Beautiful hen and chickens to shoot down.- Amazing chicken shooting animations.- Marvelous graphics and realistic shooting simulation.- Farm house backyard shooting arena, just like FPS shooting games.- Unlimited bullet fires and gun reloads automatically.- Best chicken games for kids.- Zoom button to take precise aim.- Most unique chick farm game.How to Play:- Swipe your device screen to aim down the ninja hens.- No need to reload the guns.- Tap zoom button to take clear look.- Keep an eye on the timer.If you like the classic chicken shooting game, please try our other birds shooting games by clicking "More from Developer" or by visiting our publisher account. And don't forget to rate and review.We don't collect any personal information; any non-personal information collected by our partners like Google is used for analytic and game improvements.
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