Dino turtle Hero Tank Battle

Get ready for the turtle hero action in this Dino Turtle Hero Tank Battle where you play as Turtle hero and fight with gangster in the grand city. Dino turtle hero wandering in the grand city and save the peoples which are in trouble. You can transform into dangerous dinosaur and kill all the brutal dinosaur enemies which are wandering in beautiful city. Ninja hero is waiting to blast in the gaming world. You can transform to the tank by clicking button and kill the super villains like spider villain, bat villain with the help of tank blast.Dino Turtle Hero Tank Battle is a thrilling game for all turtle hero fans and dinosaur lovers. Dino turtle hero is one of the best ninja hero fighting games in the gaming world. You can transform into different furious tank, brutal dinosaur to kill the dangerous villains with the help of amazing super powers.GAMEPLAY:Dino Turtle Hero Tank Battle is started with interesting gameplay where you play as Dino turtle hero and fight with dangerous city gangster in the beautiful city. Dangerous gangster is ready to destroy the beautiful city and convert it into graveyard. Ninja hero can transform into dangerous dinosaur and kill the other enemies with the help of classic bite. Hunt the bad guys who are roaming in city. Turtle hero fight with dangerous villains like bat hero, spider hero and fight with them with the help of amazing combos, swords fighting skills. Thrilling missions are ready to blast in the game. This action simulator is full of action, entertainment and ready to boom in the gaming world. Spider hero kills the innocent citizens and tries to rule in the grand city. You become as city defender and save the city town from evil forces.DINO TURTLE HERO TANK BATTLE FEATURES:- Play as Turtle hero and save the civilians in city- Choose your favorite turtle hero to fight- Transform into powerful dinosaur and classic tank - 3D graphics with battle environment- Fight with enemies like spider villains, bat villain & bad guys- Addictive gameplay and easy controlsDino Turtle Hero Tank Battle is specially designed for all tank battle lovers and dinosaur fighting games fans. Enjoy the fighting game and excite yourself by playing as Dino ninja heroes in the action hero simulator. Amazing gameplay where you can transform into dangerous dinosaur as well as luxury tank and clean the city from evil forces.
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