Superhero Flying Bat City Rescue Mission Survival

The ultimate war has started between the grand super beast batman and his enemies. The aliens have invaded the earth and they are now in a free battle with the epic beasts existing on earth. Their main aim is to kill all the powers from earth specially batman and make them extinct while they live with the humans after all. This is no small fight. Superhero Flying Bat City Rescue Mission Survival is a giant ultimate super battle that has to be completed. Once it started it can never be stopped it will only end. Make it end in a way that no one can start it again. Fight the evil aliens and kill them. You have amazing batman powers with you that you can use after a specific period of time. Use them to kill the nearest enemies. When the aliens arrived the jungle and saw the ultimate beast batman on the earth, their rage got increased and they took an oath to fight every beast that comes their way. But it is not that easy to battle and fight the fantasy superhero of the earth. They are most powerful and monster creatures who will not die easy. So, stay alert that these beast monsters have such powers that you have never faced.So now, as a superhero, what your tasks is to fight the monster aliens who have been trying to take your place like crazy by using your ultimate flying super batman powers. They don't know who they are messing with. They will remember the time when they decided to fight you and your flying powers and make them regret this thought. Fight them in this epic beast battle in this amazing beast superhero battle. The battle is the best one in the history of fight between the vicious aliens and powerful superhero Batman. Just like you, make this battle and epic one as well. Fight the crazy beasts on your way. Kill them and pick up their weapons, use the weapons against them. After some time use your wonderful power and unattainable epic super beast power and smack that on their face.In this real superhero 3D batman Superhero Flying Bat City Rescue Mission Survival game enjoy your experience of a violent beast and have the true adventure of being the wild one in the battle. Show these fantasy wild aliens what you have got. Don't ever spare a life. Never mercy anyone. Just start flying, hit and kill them with your super batman powers while collecting amazing fantasy valuables like a bravo monster creature. This wild superhero game simulator will satisfy your super wild needs of killing someone, getting in a battle and winning it.Key Features1. All super wild creatures2. Amazing monster fantasy batman battle3. Battle between two epic superheroes4. Smooth controls5. Addictive game play6. Marvelous visuals
Operating System Android