Nibble The Cheese

Introduce "Nibble The Cheese" a fast action game that utilizes the motion sensors in your phone or tablet to move. Game play is as simple as tilting your device in the direction you'd like "Nibbles" the mouse to go.Now with 16 exciting levels with increasing difficulty! 8 different cats to avoid and in different combinations! Play against "Snowflake", "Midnight", "Cheetah", "Cool Cat", "Tiger", "Toxic Cat", "Toxic Tiger" and "Diablo" as you plan your next escape. All while nibbling as much cheese as you can to move to the next level.A GREAT game for phones and tablets that support motion detection. All 16 levels of game play are as easy as tilting your device.Features increasingly challenging levels as you dodge cats to discover how much cheese your mouse can eat? GAMEPLAY Tilt the screen to move the mouse toward the cheese. Nibble as much cheese as possible as it slides around. When finished with the block of cheese, the player moves on to the next level and increases their life score by one.Avoid the cats! They don't like cheese, but they do like mice. If a cat munches on your mouse, the life score decreases by one.Avoiding the cats will get progressively harder as they grow faster in each new level. Don't let your guard down! Even after finishing the cheese, your mouse could still become a snack. Playable in Portrait mode with Auto-Rotate turned OFF. Please Note: This game uses the motion control from the device's accelerometer and vibration.Turn OFF auto-rotation in your device's preferences to prevent rotating your screen. Settings > Display > Auto-Rotate Screen and uncheck the box.ORSwipe DOWN and unselect Auto-Rotate.Privacy Policy: of Use:
Operating System Android