Captain Zombie America - First Person Shooter

The zombie virus invasion has been spread everywhere in the zombie of assassin city 2017. As an American universe sniper excellent shooter or sniper gun hunter, you have to shoot the zombie extreme wave on highway to save the people of dead hunter city. This free online zombie game will let you be the best zombie dead evil life shooting experience that you will never experience in any other zombie assassin warfare game. Stay vigilant from zombie enemy crisis & hunt for the evil arm zombie to target them for army rescue.Select your American universe sniper free modern special combat shotguns to varnish the zombie extreme waves in crisis action shooting fighting. As a counter sniper terrorist or American traffic sniping shooter, hunt the brain crisis dead zombies who are attacking in the dead commando survival city. You need prodigious courage for shooting & targeting the zombie evil warfare in this modern zombie strike high invasion. The zombies are attacking on army rescue commando sniper team so you are the last super hope to excluding the zombie dead survival life from the defense city. The sniper hunting game contains several zombie shooting warfare missions that you have to attain all of them like a commando hero or universe defender in warrior zombie battle.This action packed zombie shoot survival game has multiple American defender sniper super shooting objectives. Your mission is to shoot the zombie enemy evil warfare in warrior deadly zombie battle war. Each zombie rocket crisis level has different targets that you have to complete with your combat special sniper arms shortgun including sniper. Don't be afraid from fatal zombie outbreak because you are counter American great shooter universe defender. Just ready for the zombie hunting in commando army rescue sniper free 3D abandoned airport environment.Terrible zombie virus waves are coming towards you so keep yourself save from zombie immoral invasion virus in sniper hunting game. Only thing that you have to follow for your zombie human survival is to keep track on the suspicious zombie activities as a premier modern agent combat traffic hunter fighting shooter.In addition zombie crisis assassin free to play game has unique & realistic 3D graphics, hope you will enjoy the abandoned airport zombie free shooting with modern weapons including sniper guns, rifles, pump guns & shortguns.
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