Terrorist Versus Gun: Black Ops Friday War Zone

Being a shadow army field fighter enter the action fray unseen, armed with latest shooting guns and weapons. You are fully equipped with top-notch weaponry to brawl with drug distributors in Colombian territory under the rain of drug lords. As an experienced shooter go on a global shadow army agent mission and stop these drug lords from spreading their destructive products from the rest of the world. This is a war against mafia gangsters who are controlling the streets and harassing the locals. It is your sworn duty as an expert of exterminating gangsters to save these citizens. Using your ghost training chase down these thieves, don't let them get away and pull the trigger of your gun fast use your special one shot technique to strike your enemy down. It is a competition of survival and whoever wins gets the city, so shoot all of the bullets in your pistols, rifles, throw grenades and eliminate all the drugs distributes. Be on alert and be careful of the enemy assassin approaching you from behind you. Open fire first to strike the terrorist down before it is game over for you and move on to the next level in this free multi-level 3D shooting game that you can play without wi-fi.Roam around the town freely like a ghost commando warrior, use the map to locate the mafia dealers, blast all their hiding places, and be ready to shoot bullets at escaping gangsters. In this challenging assassination assignment go after war criminals, lords-of-crime that have taken control of this small underdeveloped city using stealth and precise aiming using smooth gaming controls in this free open world game. This best 3D action combat gameplay will get you involved into the world of shooting mafia and drug distributors. Go on a shooting frenzy by counter back shooting on terrorist & war criminals to bring order to this town. This is the ultimate rescue of the world where you are going to save the world from dangerous drug dealers who have taken help from underworld mafia and assassin shooters. As a skilled game player use the controls on screen, consult the map and take precision shots of heads of each member of these assassin shooter. Do maximum damage firing non-stop bullets from rifles-guns and throwing grenades on enemy war ground to eliminate any chance of the drugs going outside boundary of the city. Hide bombs in enemy hiding houses to blow them to smithereens.In this stunning thrilling game, go on an adventure of destroying all those who stand in your way of clearing mission and have the ultimate fun that you can ever experience. You are the protagonist of this game, killing your targets silently as you move forward at each level in this battle situation so use proper stealth to crush mafia in their tracks. This super exciting & realistic frontline free to roam strike to rescue assignment will completely engage you in its mystery so pick up your gun, load bullets in your rifle-guns and go on shooting mania in this free online game. This free game can be played offline so download and install this best shooting game and test your gaming skills.Gamers can now download and play this awesome game with unique environment of a town in Columbia with detailed graphics display and realistic firing, bombing, crashing, soldier shouting and upbeat fighting music.
Operating System Android