Counter Terrorist Modern War 2018

Counter Terrorist Modern War Gun Strike 2018 is an awesome first person shooting FPS action game.Play the most challenging shoot first ask questions later free first-person gun shooting game. Terrorists have occupied your desert city, spreading fear and terror in the hearts of desert nomads. These dreadful assaulter swindle, sabotage and kidnap locals making their lives miserable. You are specially trained by the army to handle situations such as this, accept your assignment and save innocent citizens. As a fighter against terrorist you are given powerful advance equipment to strike down your foes. Enter the enemy zone and initiate your 3D gaming shooting skills using amazingly-smooth game-controls to aim & fire at your opponents. You can choose from a full range of weapon artillery: from pistols to rifles, to sniper guns, ak47, p90, multiple shotguns and grenades to be successful in your mission.This game gives you an immersive desert town fun-thriller experience to test your patience and shooting on the chase to eradicate your enemies. Use the map on your device screens and pinpoint all the targets, select your gun of choice and strike them down. Nothing can stop you from eliminating the enemy shooters and defending townspeople. Use the map to strategically distract enemy by throwing a grenade in less populated area and strike from behind until you win current level and are a step closer to mission accomplishment. Take down these evil intenders like a crazy sand blizzard blowing in this city of sand dunes. Enjoy this game featuring great sound and graphic effects and strike down your enemies. Using advance gun aiming-shooting controls to earn benefits on each level and unlocking next mission in this epic-thriller game. Become a hero for these desperate nomads and defeat your adversaries in the fight against terror attacks in this free shooting guns first-person 3D game. Do not think or wait for back up just advance to next stage of the game by defeating and shooting down all the enemy agents, just follow the map on your screen.Players will face different numbers of enemies to target down in each level of this epic and dangerous mission in the desert. Players will be rewarded with new weapons and other benefits after each win, so pull the trigger on your guns fast to get to the next game level. Let the cool music and sound of the soldier shouting, bullets firing and grenades exploding drown out all other noise and keep the player engaged to the game. Fight of the heat in the desert and player should ace this assignment. Download now and play the best free online fps game with advance 3D graphics to spend time on.
Operating System Android