T-Rex Dinosaur City Hunter: Rocket Launcher Game

This season play new hunting game T-Rex Dinosaur City Hunter: Rocket Launcher Game. Wildlife stegosaurus dinosaurs evolved on lost island, they were living undersurface. Now wild dinosaur evolution horde got a path to cross Jurassic island and resurface to attack small town. City people are running in utter chaos that has been generated by wild dino attack. Play as an ex-army deadly sharpshooter; enter modern city area. Hunt & kill wild dinosaurs to show your sniper shooting skills in dino city hunter game. Chase prehistoric giant stegosaurus dare to stop dino city attack. Become dino city hunter and show your real dinosaur hunter skills shooting missile with rocket launcher. The t-rex & stegosaurus dinosaurs simulation is full gunfire addicting hunting safari game for shooting lovers. Use rocket launcher like RPG 7 weapon to shoot missile in this dinosaur hunter game. Play most challenging primal hunter survival game on play store for free.Dinosaur hunter game is the modern sniper shooting evolution, set on dino hunt mission, equipped with army assault rifles, destructive weapon rocket launcher, shotguns and RPG, aiming at ruthless dinosaur. Hazardous giant lizards are spread around small city, destroy carnivores with army assault rifle in hunter survival game. Wild tyrannosaurus has strike on city people, hold your breath, aim & fire with long range sniper rifle and unique grenade & ammunition! As a pro dinosaur hunter commando, eliminate triceratops dinosaurs one by one in ultimate dino hunter war zone. Load up on firepower with destructive weapons like rocket launcher and Us army assault rifles. Upgrade arsenal & become expert shooter to kill t-rex & Carnotaurus in ultimate dino hunter game! Experience the thrill and fear of wild dinosaur & hunt down to save city people.Kill wild dinosaurs from roaming & spreading ruthless apocalypse in Ny City dinosaur survival game. Show your sniper shooting skills to eliminate fierce creature & save Ny citizens getting prey of mighty Tyrannosaurus. Become professional hunter and chase down forest animals to take revenge by killing them with RPG and destructive weapons. This amazing dinosaur hunting attack realistic 3D game is the best battle dinosaur's adventure simulation game. Become a beast hunter of prehistoric predators in each level of dinosaur survival game. Brawl to survive & prove your dino city hunter skills in nonstop action packed safari hunting game.Forget African park fierce and animal hunting safari game to experience all new ultimate dino hunting with new carnivore dinosaur hunter game!T-Rex Dinosaur City Hunter: Rocket Launcher Game Features:- 5 multiple challenging dinosaur hunter survival levels - Stunning wild animations of Carnosaurus, Triceratops & Tyrannosaurus- Various choice of selecting shotguns, RPG and sniper guns - Hours of fun gameplay in this great Jurassic simulator- Amazing vivid graphics & superb gameplayDownload T-Rex Dinosaur City Hunter: Rocket Launcher Game and give us your reviews, so we can make more dinosaur survival city hunter sniper shooting games.
Operating System Android